We are a licensed, bonded, registered contractor in the state of Arizona. 
We service the Northern Arizona territory.

If you have a "life safety system" with anti-freeze solution installed in your home, you need to have it serviced annually per NFPA 25 code. Residential fire sprinkler systems in "freeze-zones", with temperatures that dip down into the teens, are especially suceptible to "free-break hazards" if not maintenanced properly. 

We offer the most cutting edge technology to ensure that the anti-freeze installed in your fire sprinkler system, is at adequate concentration levels to keep your system from freezing and breaking. We use ONLY factory pre-mixed solution of  48/52%.
This optical instrument employs the measurement of the refractive index to determine parameters pertinent for concentration analysis. If the fluid in your system measures adequately, then we will NOT need to change the fluid. This simple test will save you hundreds of dollars annually, and will give you piece of mind knowing your sprinkler system is in proper working condition.

Call us today and we will place you on an annual maintenance schedule.
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